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Full body beautiful agony

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Then there’s “facettes de la petit mort,” “faces of the little death,” and you can find a whole slew of them on This “erotic” website might not quite qualify as porn, even though it features videos of people coming to orgasm. However, these videos only show people from the neck up. There is no nudity, no penetration, and nothing sexually explicit in these videos. Just the faces of everyday people who have recorded themselves masturbating (mostly, although in some videos there is the suggestion that there is a partner involved) and uploaded their digital portraits onto this interesting web experiment.

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Consider the orgasm. Consider the hunger beforehand, that blind, sweaty desire building toward one euphoria explosion that electrifies the body like a seizure, leaving you breathless, past and future but a dream, nothing but tingles for skin. How about the peace that follows, no longer bogged down by your restless longing, muscles melted, the beast inside lulled to sleep, disarmed, totally naked?Now imagine you were filmed. Just think about what the camera would capture in those minutes leading to your climax and afterwards. Perhaps your eyes involuntarily widen or nose crinkles? Maybe tears, maybe laughter, maybe silence, but who knows for certain? Truth be told, everyone reacts differently to sexual experiences. Some don’t make a peep, while others let loose an operatic aria that wakes the neighbors. Some spasm uncontrollably, others clench as tight as a fist. Only one thing’s for certain: orgasms disarm us.Fact is, never are we more exposed and vulnerable than when we’re orgasming. Never do we relinquish that stern control over our professional and social lives than when we’re drowning in our preferred brand of fantasy, dreaming of that perfect someone who grazed our arm earlier today, stripped of all our inhibitions, disguises removed, animal, honest, genuine, authentic, intimate, reduced to a sexual being.That said, how ironic that hardcore porn stars can undress and still seem somehow clothed. Whoever watches modern pornography, which amounts to anyone with an Internet connection nowadays, can sense the illusion embedded within mainstream porn flicks. The scripted sour dialogue and choreographed positions that revved so many engines of the previous generation simply don’t float our proverbial boats anymore. Hence, the current porn craze that has fueled the launching of whole web communities devoted to amateur pictures and videos.Case in point: Beautiful Agony, where posted erotic stimulus amounts to amateur videos featuring only the facial expressions and the sounds of those orgasming. American, English, French, Chinese, Australian, German, Japanese, Irish, white, black, men, women, straight, lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives—doesn’t matter one bit, anyone can submit a homemade video that reveals his/her real human vulnerability and intensity, granted the orgasm isn’t faked that is.So applaud each of these individuals who are brave enough to share their unique sexual experiences and help revolutionize the erotica industry. Foreign languages and geographic boundaries be damned, watch as these persons from across the world drop their defenses, shed their suspicions, and get their rocks off, either alone or sometimes with others. Listen to the confessions as they each reveal their opinions and sexual secrets, connecting us with heartfelt honesty. Admire these human beings, vulnerable, quirky, respected, conflicted, thoughtful, trembling, truly naked.

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If you consider she might have an itchy foot or tummy, its far less interesting.That was my first impression as well, like it was some kind of experiment and when they zoom out you see shes actually doing something perfectly innoncent. But the idea that theres some assumption of eroticism that makes it erotic without relying on any actual eroticism to work off of is ludicrous. Generally people only act like that when theyre having sex or acting like theyre having sex.Its like theyre saying, "Well, look its just an innocent person breathing and moaning and scrunching up their eyes as they roll into the back of their head while they scream the Lords name at the top of their lungs... perfectly innoncent... or is it?" [dum dum dum!!]No. But as an exercise in "faces are erotic", it succeeds nicely.

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